We work with individuals on an hourly fee basis. This flexible pricing structure makes it easy for you to access your career coach for as little or as much time as you need. Payment is due at the completion of each meeting or five-hour packages can be purchased in advance. Please contact us for an hourly rate quote.

Corporate-sponsored outplacement programs are priced based on your budget and the needs of the person or persons receiving outplacement benefits. Please contact us to discuss your needs and to get a price quote.



  • Personal Branding and Networking Programs
    Building your personal brand and networking with target constituents are incredibly important to career success – merit alone won’t get you to your goals. We can tailor a program to include some or all of these areas: defining your personal brand; writing LinkedIn Summaries, resumes and biographies; elevator pitch; appropriate self-promotion techniques; and networking tactics, plans and practice.

  • Resume and Cover Letters
    We write resumes – from scratch when necessary. If you want to do some of the work yourself, we’ll get you started with a tutorial, including resume templates. As a former recruiter, Laura knows that you have mere seconds to “speak” to your audience and get them to read on.

    We can also help you write compelling cover letters that can be adapted to any situation.

    “Laura was incredibly thorough and as a result a really professional resume was created.” - CFO, $4 billion public company “The work you did with my resume was amazing.” - U.S. Army Officer

  • Career Strategy and Planning
  • You are more likely to be successful and be fulfilled in your career if you have a plan and think strategically when making decisions about work. Laura Hill will help you develop your strategic career guide with a process that analyzes your passions, aptitudes, personality and interests, culminating in a list of decision criteria that you will use to keep “on-strategy” when you make career and job decisions.

    “I was very confused about my career, but now that I’ve been through the analysis, I now can see the big picture and my next step is clear” - Marketing Manager

    “Through discussions with her about my career path, I learned the right way to position myself for my target audience.” - Public Relations Associate

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  • Job Search Assistance
    With all the online avenues for job search, many people spend a disproportionate amount of time responding to job postings. Laura Hill knows that there’s a 65% likelihood your next job will come through networking, and she knows how to guide you through the steps that will lead you to your ideal job. In addition to assisting you with your resume and LinkedIn profile, she will help you clarify and list your targets, reach out to recruiters, and interview and network effectively.

    "Thank you so much for your help, your coaching and encouragement. It was enormously helpful and I will be forever grateful." - COO, Internet-based financial services firm

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  • Interview Preparation
    In today’s competitive market it’s imperative that you present your personal best in interviews – many of which are by telephone or Skype. As a former recruiter, Laura Hill has interviewed hundreds of candidates – she uses that experience to help her clients prepare compelling answers and practice them in mock interviews.

    We’ll help you develop a good answer to “Tell me about yourself” and the ever-tricky “What are your compensation expectations?” We also have a technique for answering behavioral interview questions – those are the ones that start with “Give me an example of a time when . . . .”

    “Laura unified my diverse experience in a cohesive way that spoke directly to employers.” - Telecom Manager

    “I learned how to effectively communicate the breadth of my experience and discuss my non-sequential job moves in a way that turned what had been a liability into a competitive advantage.” - Product Development Director

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  • Negotiations
    A recent survey of alums from a top business school showed that over 70% felt uncomfortable negotiating their compensation. Failure to negotiate your full value, especially early in your career, can result in the loss of substantial income over time.

    We can help you negotiate with confidence, skill and diplomacy in a way that leaves all parties feeling good. Laura Hill will help you secure the best offer from your current or future employer and identify benefits, perks, or accommodations you might not have considered. She has extensive experience with executive compensation packages that involve equity and employment agreements.

    “Laura’s experience and keen insight into executive suite positioning was of crucial value in my negotiation on scope of responsibilities and compensation. Her guidance in both the tactics to follow and even the specific content to use in my communications allowed me to convey exactly the right professional and confident message to obtain a highly successful outcome." - Private Equity Portfolio Manager

    “Laura prepared me for those awkward compensation discussions. She guided me to get the best offer possible without scaring my prospective employer.” - NYU Graduate

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  • Outplacement
    For employers who want to reduce risk associated with the departure of an employee, we offer a full outplacement curriculum for mid to senior level professionals and executives. We provide one-to-one guidance on all aspects of career strategy and job search, complimented by administrative and research support. As an independent provider without management overhead, we are able to provide highly personalized service at rates that are competitive with global firms.

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